Kickstart Your Bitcoin Developer Career

At Qala, our goal is to create a pathway for African software developers to transition into building for Bitcoin. Our core programme is a fully-funded 13 week experience where you get to immerse in building Bitcoin & lightning applications while being positioned for and matched into Bitcoin jobs around the world.

To join the programme, you must


Have 1-5 years of experience as a software developer in a production environment


Have proof of your ability as evidenced by an active GitHub/GitLab account


Demonstrate the ability to engage with the technical content of the programme


Commit full-time to the programme, including resigning from existing employment (where necessary)


Demonstrate a willingness to learn and grow.

What do you get from Qala?

Philosophy Immersion

Deep immersion into Bitcoin development philosophy so you understand why Bitcoin is built the way it is

Deep Learning

Introduction to Bitcoin & Lightning development methodology - theoretically & practically

Proof of work

In form of concrete Bitcoin & Lightning projects that you build

World-Class Faculty

Support from our world-class Bitcoin & lightning developer faculty

Monthly Stipend

Over the 3 months of the programme so you can focus

Technology Support

Support to get your technology setup (internet, video & audio etc) up to muster for a global role

Profile Building

Build your persona and profile in the extended Bitcoin developer ecosystem

Employer Matching

Introduction to employers and support to get the best deal and to thrive in the roles


Experienced mentors that support your journey through weekly one-on-one

Philosophy Immersion

A support community of talented developer peers going through the same experience with you


The Selection Process

The Qala selection process is an intense learning experience to start you on building a career in Bitcoin development, even if you are not quite ready to join the next cohort of the programme.


Stage 1

Application Form

objective - So we know more about you and your suitability for the programme.


Stage 2

Code Challenge

objective - So we know you have the basic technical foundation to thrive on the programme.


Stage 3

Study Group

Introduction to Bitcoin (6 weeks)

objective - So we see how you handle more complex information and how you work in a group.


Stage 4


Introduction to Bitcoin Protocol Development (5 weeks)

objective - So we see how you handle more complex information and how you work in a group.


Stage 5


objective - So we learn more about you one-on-one to confirm your fit for the programme.


Stage 6

Selection & Prep

objective - So you can clear your schedule to focus on Qala full time.

Have any questions about the process? Drop us a question here.